5th - 26th AUG, 3.20pm (1hr) - Nick Hall: Spencer - PBH FREE FRINGE, CIAO ROMA (Venue 283)

Nick will be performing his new show 'Spencer' everyday at 3.20pm on the Free Fringe during August. 

‘I am murdered!’ 11th May 1812. The Prime Minister has just been killed by a mysterious stranger. Parliament is in uproar. There is anarchy in the UK. But who’s really behind this?

Spencer Percival has one claim to fame; he’s the only Prime Minister ever to be assassinated. Unfortunately no one’s ever heard of him. 205 years later, Nick Hall tells his story at the Plymouth Fringe. In this inventive and hilarious journey through history, Nick brings alive the world of the 19th century, while drawing parallels with the present. In this discordant age of Brexit, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, could we still learn something from the past?

5th - 26th AUG, 6.45pm (1hr) - the committee IMPROV - PBH FREE FRINGE, COWGATEHEAD

Nick will also be performing with long-form comedy improv group The Committee, also on the Free Fringe everyday.


In the run-up to August you can see Nick performs these shows across the UK:

24th June, 7pm - Nick Hall: Spencer - LIVERPOOL FRINGE FESTIVAL - the caledonia, L7 7DX - more info

30th JUNE, 7.30pm - nick hall: spencer - shaftesbury fringe - the mitre, sp7 8je - more info

1st July, 5.30 & 10pm, and 2nd July, 7pm - nick Hall: spencer - barnstaple fringe - the guildhall - more info

5th JULY, 8pm - the committee presents - 2 Northdown, n1 9BG - MORE INFO

7th JULY, 9pm - NICK HALL: SPENCER - greater manchester fringe - kings arms, salford - more info

8th july, 5.30pm - nick hall: spencer - buxton fringe - underground at the old clubhouse

13th july, 9pm - Nick hall: spencer - guildford fringe - star inn, GU1 3TY - MORE INFO

14th july, 9pm - nick hall: spencer - birmingham fest - blue orange theatre, b18 6ad

20th July, 9pm - nick hall: spencer - reading fringe - PURPLE TURTLE BAR - more info

22nd july, 5pm - nick hall: spencer - bedford fringe - the quarry theatre studio, mk40 2nn - more info

23rd july, 5pm - nick hall: spencer - great yorkshire fringe - the shed, YO1 8SG - more info

28th july, 8pm - nick hal: spencer - balham free fringe - the bedford, sw12 9hd

5th - 26th AUG, 3.20pm (1hr) - 'Nick Hall: Spencer' - PBH FREE FRINGE, CIAO ROMA (Venue 283)

5th - 26th AUG, 6.45pm (1hr) - the committee IMPROV - PBH FREE FRINGE, COWGATEHEAD